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Serving Love Podcast Coming Soon!

Hi Loves!

It has been a good long while since I have been here, life has unfolded in so many ways I never would have expected this year. As I am sure it has for us all!

I am so excited to be back, feeling ready to be of service after taking the time to fill my own cup. I view it as an old fountain with cracks, water spurting out of different places, not flowing freely. When I take the time to focus on my own healing I patch those cracks with gold and then my fountain can run infinitely. Overflowing and nourished, and in turn nourishing those around me from that place of utter fullness.

One of the ways I hope to that that at this time is to offer a podcast all about serving up love. About living as love in a world where that sure as hell ain't easy. A place where I have vulnerable conversations with teachers and friends about their work and how they move through the world in inspiring ways.

Im so excited to bring this baby into the world, she has been gestating for some time now :) Stay tuned for release date!

With Love and Reverence


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