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I'm not a cool girl..

Yesterday I had a conversation with a man who after two dates, said he wanted to see me again because I’m “hot and fun”.

Now, I adore men, I can feel the sweetness of his heart.. and this comment pissed me off. I felt missed, unseen, unheard.

“Hot and fun” feels the most off stroke

I’m not the woman who when you swing through town you reach out to because it’s breezy.

I’m not the easy path to take.

I’m not a cool girl

I do not go with the flow or skip over moments that don’t feel resonant because I’m afraid to lose your love.

I embody my anger, I express it

I won’t hide my tears to keep you feeling safe.

My joy is loud, and I have a lot of it

I see my S€x as sacred, I’m sensitive and tender, wild and feral. I’m not quick to let you in but when I do I’m splayed wide open. To you, to God. I’ll settle for nothing less.

My love poured out can be A LOT to receive. It’s penetrating and true, I see the deepest parts of you and I’m hungry for them. I want more.

“Hot and fun” doesn’t begin to cover the fullness that I am.

So.. Thank you kindly Sir, but… next

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