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Are you ok?

Are you ok? A DM I received recently Curiously my response was, pardon? Unclear of what the deeper question was No response Maybe I took it the wrong way but it got me to thinking.. Is that what people still wonder when they see a woman fully expressed in her grief, rage, tender heartedness? Maybe she’s lost her mind? Finally gone off the deep end? Maybe I have And I’m never going back. What we touch fully resolves completely. And I’m going all the way in. Forget transcendence, I’m immersing into the soup of life. Gone are the days of hiding my mess. I now revel in the snotty ugliness of a good cry. I’m proud of how deeply I feel. In awe of my sensitivity How crazy that it is still imbedded in our lineage. Feels ancient to me. I’m actually fascinated by the fact that it’s still here. She’s turned on! Send her to the nut house💦 I wasn’t ok when I used to stuff it down and try to make myself pretty and easily digestible for you. You may see more of my messiness here, and I feel more alive than ever ❤️‍🔥

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